VIRUS water based inks

Water based premium inks for eco friendly textile screen printing at low consumptions.

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Virus means innovation. Highly performing no-dry inks able to meet the high standards required by the market, now with WOW® technology to print wet on wet with the greatest simplicity and guaranteed desired results.


Our water based inks comply with the strictest limitations of chemical substances required by the market. PVC, phthalate and formaldehyde free they represent a benefit for the workers in the sector, the final users and the environment.


The new generation of Virus inks don’t clog the screen and are designed for high definition printings using screens at high mesh counts to ensure less ink deposit, greatest ink softness and costs saving.


Virus has always been on the front line to increase competitiveness in the textile screen printing. Products and procedures are designed to increase productivity and hold down costs thanks to less ink consumption, reduced downtime and energy saving.

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High quality water based inks for maximum performance.
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Interview with Beppe Quaglia at the conclusion of SGIA EXPO 2017.

SGIA EXPO 2017 in New Orleans where Virus participated in cooperation with M&R Companies has recently ended. We hereby report the spur of the moment comments towards the end of the event of Virus President Beppe Quaglia. “I’d really like to thank once again the frien [...]

GEO PREVIEW WHITE: the ultimate white ink!

The printing of white on dark garment has always been full of hidden dangers. Too often the final result doesn’t fully satisfy the expectation of printers and the customers. Printings that are too thick and rough, dirty outlines or images poorly defined. To obtain a perfect white on black  [...]

Virus innovation performed during SGIA EXPO 2017 at the M&R stand.

From 10th to 12ve October 2017, Virus will take part in SGIA EXPO 2017 at the M&R companies stand, to show you the wet on wet screen printing revolution with the new water based WOW® inks. Our technicians will print live non stop giving the opport [...]

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