Virus® proposes a complete range of additives able to optimize the inks performance under any kind of printing conditions, even for those who are not specifically equipped for printings with water based inks.

UNIFIX-LC: the additive that reduces the polymerization temperature of your prints.

UNIFIX-LC is the ecological additive that allows to work at lower polymerization temperatures and at the same time guarantees an excellent resistance to the durability tests performed on your printings.

UNIFIX-LC: perfect polymerizations already at 100°C (212°F).

UNIFIX-LC, mixed to the ink allows performing a perfect polymerization already at 100 / 120°C (212/248°F). Its features are very useful to those who don’t have specific dryers for water based inks as for instance heat chambers with short  lengths.
Furthermore UNIFIX-LC plays a significant role in the printing on delicate fabrics particularly sensitive to the heat and that necessarily require lower temperatures. 

UNIFIX-LC: compatible with the wide Virus inks range.

UNIFIX-LC is the additive compatible with the wide Virus® inks range. Furthermore it doesn’t modify the ink properties and could be used again and again for next productions even after a long time.
At the end of the polymerization phase in the dryer with UNIFIX-LC, wait 48 hours before washing the printings. 

The additive that meets your needs is available at the authorized Virus dealers.