Virus redesigns the CMYK printing process to meet the ecologic and quality standard required by the textile screen printing market.
Virus 4 color process inks range is enriched by WOW® technology to simply print "wet on wet" with guaranteed results even on a white under base.

WOW® PROCESS HC is the ready to use CMYK inks range at high pigments concentration specific for dark fabrics that need a white under-base.
The formulation of the 4 printing colours and the pureness of the pigments guarantee a perfect balance of the chromatic scale ensuring final results faithful to the original subject.
The revolutionary WOW® technology allows to simply print wet on wet even at 120T/305 mesh count on a white under-base previously cured with great advantages in terms of cost saving and productivity increase.  

To simplify the screen printer job, we have created 4YOU, the new online color separation service for CMYK printing with Virus inks.
Send us the image to be elaborated, we’ll send you the color separation and all the instructions to start your printing process in the best way.

Ask for your WOW® trial kit and start printing wet on wet!
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  • PRODUCT: ready to use inks
  • PRINTING TECHNIQUE: CMYK process wet on wet
  • FABRIC TYPES: 100% cotton
  • Compliance: pvc, phthalates and formaldehyde free
  • Certification: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I

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