Hydra Suede Base E is the new water-base Virus ink able to give the suede effect and the threedimensional puff feature with only one product.

HYDRA SUEDE BASE E: only one product, two different effects.
Virus looks for solutions able to satisfy the most demanding requests in terms of multi functionality.
Hydra Suede when printed at 62 threads/cm mesh count (up to 90 mesh count) the result is a soft suede effect.
When printed at 32 threads/cm mesh count (up to 48 mesh count) allows obtaining over-printable puffiness for multicolor 3D effects easy to perform.

HYDRA SUEDE BASE E: controlled over-printable puffiness.
Other more entangling results are obtainable thanks to the controlled expansion of Hydra Suede during the drying phase. Hydra Suede is over-printable with different colors and adhesive for flock and foil as well for a three dimensional effect very similar to the thick printing but much more simple.

  • PRODUCT: pigmentable base
  • PRINTING EFFECT: puff / suede
  • FABRIC TYPES: 100% cotton
  • Compliance: water-based, pvc-free, non-phthalate, formaldehyde-free
  • Certification: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Classes I

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