Make print easy: get inspired from who watches the textile screen printing under a different perspective.

If you are a rebel of the textile screen printing, MAKE PRINT EASY is the event of inspiration you don’t wanna miss!
We are arranging a 3 days Training Lab during which you’ll be able to print on a manual printing machine several subjects with different kind of inks and printing techniques.
Come to test the applicative simplicity of Virus® products and let our experts inspire you.

Sometimes the printer job could become monotonous and the daily difficulties generated by disinformation and opportunism risk losing sight of the great opportunities the market offers. Virus® simplifies your job making more room for your creativity.

Embrace the simplicity and lead the change, follow the “MAKE PRINT EASY” spirit!
We are waiting for you in Long Beach, from 17th to 19th January 2020 at M&R, booth #1501.

 “In the current hyper-competitive contest that is changing the markets forever, no company, big or small, will be completely secure if it’s not able to rapidly embrace the change.”

Get you free pass now, build your future immediately.
Follow this link to receive a free floor pass. When prompted, enter the code MRCOMP to receive your pass.

Impression Expo
Long Beach CA
January 17-19, 2020
booth #1501

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