Virus® ESE is the new family of eco-friendly inks named after the three pillars at the base of the sustainable development: economy, society, environment.
Sustainable inks in terms of raw materials selected and care given during the whole manufacturing process.

Environmental awareness and sustainability are integral part of Virus® innovation.

Every day we update our manufacturing process, reconsidering the raw materials involved to give our customers safe solutions in compliance with the most recent laws and regulations.
The role of the ink has acquired more and more value among the Companies of the textile and clothing industry, under the increasing push of eco sustainable manufacturing politics aimed at eliminating harmful substances.
In the formulation of the conventional inks, very often we find polluting and dangerous substances, difficult to dispose in fact, due to both industrial waste and contaminants present on the clothing items.
Virus has always produced eco friendly water based inks free from phthalates, formaldehyde, PVC and other petroleum-based raw materials.

Virus ESE ORGANIC:  the new screen printing textile ink made of plant-based raw material. 

With the new family of ESE inks, Virus® Research and Development Department has been able to anticipate the growing interest towards products of natural origin, manufacturing the first screen printing textile ink made of plant-based raw material.
 inks don’t release any harmful components in the working environment during the printing processes and comply with the strictest international standards such as GOTS and Oekotex Standard Class1.

Virus ESE ORGANIC: embrace the best performances of wet-on-wet printing!

ESE ORGANIC ink range is available in WHITE and CLEAR versions: a ready for use white ink and a transparent pigmentable base, compatible with Virus Mixing System. The ready for use 4 color process inks complete the range.

Virus® ESE ORGANIC range is also printable wet on wet, ensuring the best productivity performances combined with excellent printing results, comparable to those of the best water-based inks.
You can print ESE ORGANIC on a wide range of fabrics like cotton and cotton blends, but also on 100% polyester or other textile fabrics with dye migration problem making an underbase with Virus® No-Sublimation Base


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