Make print easy: choose simplicity, become a protagonist with Virus inks.

The  manual printers have always been considered rebels who challenge the status quo, questioning predefined rules designed and built for the others.
Creative, brave visionaries, able to be the first  who stimulate the change and inspire new applicative ideas. 

And it is precisely to you, textile screen printing “rebels” that our next initiative MAKE PRINT EASY is dedicated to.
We would like to meet you at ISS expo in Long Beach, from 17th to 19th January 2020, to get to know your stories and build the future together.

Stop at the Virus Training Lab to see what we thought for you; meet the technicians who have already crossed the border of the current garment decoration.
Develop strategic relationships, discover the most suitable solutions to your projects and take the best opportunities for your business.

 “The future belongs to the rebels, to who has the courage to change things. Revolutionaries that, with their unconventional glance, have always been history changers.”

Book your place, get your free pass! You will find us at M&R booth.
Follow this link to receive a free floor pass to the Impressions Expo. When prompted, enter the code MRCOMP to receive your pass.

Impression Expo
Long Beach CA
January 17-19, 2020
booth #1501

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